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Today renting a car is a huge success. And this is not surprising, because the car offers almost limitless possibilities. You can judge for yourself.

If you have to organize an important event or celebration, rental cars will help you with this. Suppose that you want to spend the wedding day. Problems with a festive procession cause a lot of issues. But to solve them very easily and quickly, just taking the car. Indeed, in the car, you can order a luxury limousine, and a modest car, both domestic and imported.

This car driver would have just by the way and if you want to arrange, for example, a Shuttle service for their business partner or an important client. Not every company in the fleet is equipped with machinery of the appropriate class. Choosing car hire in Moscow, you can get transport at any level. You will make the desired impression on essential people you without spending extra money.

Prom, corporate events, anniversaries, birthdays, engagements is to list all holidays, when you may need a car with a driver, it is simply impossible. A special attention deserves the opportunity to arrange for its second half romantic trip around the city. Budget car rental in Moscow will help you make a memorable gift to your loved one. An experienced chauffeur will roll you around the city at night, showing the most beautiful places in the capital.

If you started a construction site or are the owner of your own specialized company, car hire Moscow you need more than all the rest. Why? Because here you will be offered a rental truck. You will be able without undue financial costs to organize, for example, the delivery of the necessary building materials to the site. Note that the freight car may be provided with an experienced driver, managing technique. And without it.

Imagine if your car suddenly broke down or you have to drive on bad roads. Affordable car rental taxi helps you to save your personal transport, and at the same time to reach any destination with ease.

If you are interested in car hire in Moscow, you need to learn a few important points. And the first of them is that renting a car with driver and without it is offered today by many companies. So hurry to make a choice is not necessary. Carefully review the lease car, especially if you take it in the car for the first time.

Need to know what you have and what car hire individuals available only to those who meet certain requirements. First of all identify the required age limit. If you are under the proper number of years, it ads "rent a car" is not for you. However, even in this case you will be available to rent car with driver in Moscow.

Those who need a rental car wedding, please tell me about the upcoming celebration. Because the employees of specialized companies can perfectly decorate the car. In addition, often choosing a car driver, clients do not know that drinking alcohol inside the passenger compartment prohibited (not always).
Examine the renting contract physical person to be aware of these nuances.

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It often happens that, having arrived in another city on business or on holiday we need a personal means of transportation. In order not to waste time and money to transport their vehicles, offer good and inexpensive service "car rental ".
Using it, you can afford to rent a decent car for the implementation of various trips. As the company has a large fleet of each of the clients available:
- hire a car for a taxi;
- rental cars in Europe;
- minibus rental for a wedding;
- hire of buses 30 persons;
- car hire low priced for corporate clients;
- transport service organizations;
- car rental between individuals, etc.

Wherever you need a personal vehicle is to contact our company and, after registration, you will be given a good car to move. Before handover to the client, it passes inspection, so that the serviceability of the car can not survive. Clean car rental will pleasantly surprise you - clean, not smoky beauty without waste, availability of fire extinguishers, first aid kits and airbags. All sanitary and safety standards are met in order to be safe and to protect each client. And the ability to employ as small a car for personal transportation and bulkier to transport children or tour group tourists will expand your plans on any of the trips. In addition, the company provides, on request, a car with a driver. They, in turn, have extensive experience in the field of transportation, able to hold a conversation if you know the area and prayerful tourist routes (especially important when renting a car abroad) - in short, provide Shuttle service wherever required.

Why a car rental is a good investment?

There are several reasons to use the services of our company, among the key:
- Responsible and accountable. So, if you have hired a car with driver or took a car that staff will be fulfilled all the conditions of the contract between you and a legal entity. All rental cars are insured, so in case of an accident the cost of the damage will be returned.
- Safety and security. Experienced drivers who know the route, not drinking and driving, and how to respond to an event of force majeure.
- Quality service at the highest level. Quick the application process (by completing the order form auto), no delays will help you to become the owner of a presentable car. The driver with private car Moscow will help you to relax and enjoy your vacation, or focus on strengthening business ties.
A cost - effective availability of the service. Note that even long term car hire is your savings and travel time, and money. The price for the service is absolutely low, so no need to worry and use the machine on the car, as much as you need. The company's specialists developed a special system that allows you to contain a large fleet intact, and provide services only to trusted clients. This specific work and enables customers to take a car at a low price.
- Flexible contract terms. Note that citizens of another country can easily use our service.

How to apply?

In order to use the service should contact the official resource of the company and directly there to complete the proper form. If you have no time or no network access - dial the phone number of the Manager of the company, and he promptly execute the request for service.

Why rent a car with driver is it convenient?

The trip to the airport - Meeting

Private driver comes to your home, load your Luggage and takes You to the terminal. Then quickly take you upon your return and will take place requirements. If You need to meet your guests, clients or partners at the airport, our driver will meet them with a sign in the baggage claim area and will accompany them through the airport and to your destination.

Night stay - Sober driver

Your trip to a restaurant or nightclub will leave the most pleasant impressions. No strain on the direction of transport, Parking. Northeast Auto your "sober driver"when you're at a party with friends, no need to worry about drinking the drinks.

Ceremony - Interview - movie premieres

Chic and eye-catching arrival, a well-dressed chauffeur will open your door.

Corporate meetings - Events

You can maximize your time. To make calls or to prepare for a meeting while our driver takes You.

A trip to the hospital - Outpatient procedures

Your personal driver North-East of the Car will take you to the door of a hospital or doctor's office if necessary. To help you get out of the car and accompany you inside as needed.

Shuttle service

Forget about finding Parking. Northeast Auto takes care of all these details, we will deliver your guests in the hotel at any place on demand.

Safe trip for your children

Timely and safe trip to and from school, or any extracurricular activities.


Our private drivers compassionate and willing to help in any situation. Trip for groceries, doctor, social visits. North East Cars will find you a permanent driver who you can trust and rely on.


Relax before the trip to the store. Private driver North-East of the Car Park the car, and then help you with packages or truck.

Attractions - Tours

Thematic city tours. Immerse yourself in the wonderful feeling of adventure from the North-East Auto.


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